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Gold Prices Reach Record Highs in Saudi Arabia – Check the Latest Rates

Saudi Arabia's Gold Prices Hit Record Highs - Check Rates Now


The gold market in Saudi Arabia has witnessed an astounding surge in recent days, with the price of 24 karat gold per gram skyrocketing to an all-time record of 231.98 riyals. This unexpected and substantial increase has left experts and investors alike in awe, as the global economic landscape undergoes significant transformations.

Reports from the Saudi Press Agency confirm that this remarkable surge in gold prices occurred recently, setting a new standard for enthusiasts of precious metals. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the current gold prices for various karats:

  • 24 Karat: 231.98 riyals per gram
  • 22 Karat: 212.65 riyals per gram
  • 21 Karat: 202.98 riyals per gram
  • 18 Karat: 173.99 riyals per gram

For those contemplating more substantial gold investments, the market rates stand as follows:

  • 21 Carat, Eight-Gram Guinea: 1,948.63 riyals
  • 22 Carat, One-Gram Guinea: 2,041.43 riyals
  • 24 Carat, One-Gram Guinea: 2,227.01 riyals

Even bulk purchases have been affected, with the price of one kilogram of gold surging to an astonishing 233,604.13 riyals.

The reasons behind this extraordinary increase in gold prices are multifaceted and continue to be a topic of intense discussion among market analysts.

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