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‘Muslim Blocks’: Fun Educational Toys for Kids to Learn About Islam

Discover 'Muslim Blocks': Engaging Islamic Educational Toys for Kids in Dubai


Dubai Resident Introduces Innovative ‘Muslim Blocks’ Educational Toy Line Abdellah Zejli, a creative mind hailing from Dubai, has unveiled a unique venture named “Muslim Blocks.” These distinctive building blocks serve as an engaging tool for children to learn about Islam in an enjoyable manner. Since its launch on July 1, Zejli’s inventive concept has garnered attention worldwide.

Zejli’s motivation to spread joy among kids and families led him to create Muslim Blocks. Recognizing the scarcity of educational toys that make learning about Islam enjoyable, he embarked on a mission to design a novel type of toy. These blocks not only facilitate learning for children but also foster family togetherness through shared playtime.

“We believe that learning can seamlessly blend with play at Muslim Blocks,” Zejli states. “Our meticulously crafted building blocks enable kids and families to delve into Islamic culture, history, and architecture while having fun. Our aim is to merge education and entertainment, turning every play session into a cherished memory.”

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