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Bank Alfalah and Deaf Reach’s Inclusive Partnership: Celebrating International Day of Sign Languages

Promoting Inclusivity, Empowering the Deaf Community, and Fostering Communication


In a heartwarming display of commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Bank Alfalah, one of Pakistan’s leading commercial banks, joined hands with Deaf Reach and TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre to commemorate the International Day of Sign Languages. This collaborative effort aimed to spotlight the significance of sign language and advocate for the rights of the hearing-impaired community, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and effective communication.

The International Day of Sign Languages, a proclamation by the UN General Assembly, serves as a unique platform to champion the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all hearing-impaired individuals and sign language users worldwide.

Within the context of Pakistan, a nation with more than a million school-age deaf children, a staggering statistic emerges: less than 5% of them attend school. Deaf Reach has emerged as a beacon of hope for the Deaf community, offering a holistic solution that encompasses both education and skills training. Since 2012, Bank Alfalah has been a proud supporter of Deaf Reach’s noble mission, having contributed over PKR 15 million in donations. This recent collaboration marks a significant stride in advancing their shared vision.

As a part of their efforts, Bank Alfalah organized a special field trip for students from Deaf Reach School to TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre. This educational outing provided the students with a unique opportunity to explore and learn in a hands-on and interactive environment.

What made this occasion even more remarkable was the active participation of Bank Alfalah’s management, colleagues, and leadership, who engaged with the students and participated in various activities at TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre. This interaction created lasting memories for all involved and underscored the bank’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity and effective communication.

Throughout the day, an array of educational and entertaining activities were meticulously arranged, designed to offer a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all participants. These activities encouraged active engagement, prompted questions, and sparked meaningful conversations, all contributing to the pursuit of a more inclusive future.

In summary, the collaboration between Bank Alfalah, Deaf Reach, and TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre on the International Day of Sign Languages serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility and the power of partnerships in driving positive change. Through their joint efforts, they have not only raised awareness but also taken tangible steps towards a more inclusive and communicative society, ensuring that the voices of the hearing-impaired community are heard and valued.

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