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Civil Judge’s Wife Arrested in Housemaid Torture Case

Latest Updates on the Incident and Legal Proceedings


In a significant development in the Rizwana torture case, the bail application of the accused was turned down, leading to the arrest of the civil judge’s wife. Following the dismissal of the bail application for the accused involved in the Rizwana torture case, a new development has emerged. The wife of the civil judge has been arrested, marking a significant twist in the ongoing investigation. This turn of events unfolded during a court hearing led by Additional Sessions Judge Farukh Farid.

The accused, Somia Asim, stood before the court alongside her legal representatives. During the hearing, the judge sought detailed information about the case, aiming to gather a clear understanding of the circumstances.

According to Somia Asim’s lawyer, she had previously cooperated with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and strongly maintained her innocence. Moreover, police records have shown no signs of her involvement in any violent acts.

To shed light on the situation, the lawyer presented a crucial detail: Somia Asim had encountered a young girl waiting alone at a bus stop for over two hours. Displaying empathy, she assisted the child in reuniting with her mother, safeguarding her well-being.

The accused’s legal representative highlighted the existence of a three-hour video capturing the minor girl’s presence at the bus stop. With this potential evidence in mind, the lawyer requested the court to acquire the video for examination. Acknowledging the significance of this request, the court instructed the investigating officer to secure the video promptly.

As this complex case unfolds, the focus remains on uncovering the truth and ensuring justice prevails. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving story as legal proceedings progress.

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