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First-Ever Robotic Surgery at Karachi’s Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC)

Transforming Healthcare in Pakistan with Advanced Robotic Surgical Breakthrough


In a major medical breakthrough, robotic surgery is making waves in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape, offering a state-of-the-art solution for precise and efficient surgical procedures.

Unlike traditional surgeries where surgeons rely solely on manual techniques, robotic surgery introduces a new paradigm. Skilled surgeons take control of robotic arms through specialized consoles, delivering unparalleled precision. This revolutionary approach is particularly advantageous for procedures involving the lower abdomen, such as gallstone removal, offering reduced pain and faster recovery times compared to conventional open surgeries.

In 2019, Pakistan celebrated its maiden robotic surgical achievement at the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute. Now, Karachi, the nation’s largest city, joins the ranks of pioneers as the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) successfully conducts its inaugural robotic surgery.

This milestone represents a significant stride forward for Pakistan’s healthcare sector, showcasing the nation’s embrace of cutting-edge technology and the expertise of its medical professionals in performing intricate robotic-assisted surgeries. This development holds the potential to democratize access to robotic surgery across the country, promising improved patient outcomes and an elevated standard of healthcare.

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