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Babar Azam and Virat Kohli: Shocking Similarities in 253 Matches

Babar Azam vs. Virat Kohli: Stats Comparison After 253 Matches


The cricketing world has been abuzz with comparisons between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli ever since Babar claimed the top spot in the ODI rankings, surpassing Kohli. Although Kohli has been playing international cricket for almost seven years more than Babar, a fair assessment can be made by comparing their stats “at this stage of the career.”

Surprisingly, when their performances are evaluated after 253 international matches, cricket enthusiasts worldwide would be astounded to witness the striking similarities between these two prolific batsmen.

After 253 international matches, Babar Azam has amassed 12,346 runs at an impressive average of 49.58, with his highest score being an exceptional 196 runs, achieved in a memorable match against Australia last year.

The young maestro’s illustrious career boasts an impressive record of 30 international centuries and 82 half-centuries, while maintaining a commendable strike rate of 80.94.

On the other hand, at the same stage of his career, Virat Kohli had scored 11,676 runs at an average of 49.47. His highest score in an innings stood at 183 runs, an extraordinary feat achieved against Pakistan.

The uncanny similarity in their performances at this stage of their careers has further ignited the debate over who will emerge as the true batting great in the long run. As these two cricketing stalwarts continue to shine, fans can only anticipate more thrilling performances and milestones to come.

The Indian batting great had scored 36 centuries and 62 half-centuries while maintaining his strike rate at 79.19 after 253 internationals.

Batters Matches Runs  Average 50s 100s Strike Rate 
Babar Azam 253 12,346 49.58 82 30 80.94
Virat Kohli  253 11,676 49.47 62 36 79.19
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