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Emirates Airline Introduces Revolutionary Robot Check-in System at Airports


Emirates Airline has announced that it will introduce a revolutionary robotic check-in system at airports in the country, marking a world-first in air travel. The system, named Sara, will be portable and multilingual, speaking at least six languages to assist passengers with everything from check-in to hotel bookings.

According to Adel Al Redha, the COO of Emirates, the airline will be the first in the world to use this type of portable check-in robot, which is capable of completing all check-in processes, including issuing a boarding pass that will be sent to a passenger’s registered number or email. The fully locally-produced system has been developed by Emirates in collaboration with its partners and includes both hardware and software.

Over 200 of these robotic check-in systems are expected to be functional in airports across the city in the next few years, with the first ones expected to be rolled out in the coming months. Al Redha stated that the system is fully functional and available for immediate use, with the airline only waiting for the volume of units to be completed.

This innovative new technology marks a significant step forward in the air travel industry, providing passengers with a more streamlined and efficient check-in experience. As the world’s first airline to introduce a portable robotic check-in system, Emirates continues to lead the way in embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance the travel experience for its customers.

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