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Sony’s Unique Marketing: Waterproof Walkman Inside Water Bottles

Sony's Waterproof Walkman Gets a Refreshing Twist with Water Bottle Packaging


In a smart move back in 2014, Sony introduced a unique marketing approach that caught the attention of people worldwide. The company’s W270 Series Walkman, known for its waterproof design, gained immense popularity through an innovative idea. They placed these special headphones inside water bottles, showcasing their waterproof feature in a captivating way. This creative strategy received a fresh wave of attention in 2023 when a tweet featuring this concept went viral, accumulating numerous likes and views.

Sony’s headphones were designed to allow users to enjoy music while on the move. They were particularly ideal for individuals who engaged in activities like swimming and sports. The standout feature was their exceptional waterproof ability, enabling them to function even underwater for up to half an hour.

Interestingly, when these headphones were initially launched, they didn’t see significant sales, especially in places like New Zealand. Sony, however, was determined to make them more popular and came up with a clever solution. They packaged the headphones inside water bottles and offered them for sale in gyms and pools at a price of $99.95. This unique approach intrigued potential buyers, particularly those who were fond of swimming and exercising.

The unconventional marketing strategy made a splash online, garnering attention from a staggering 520 million people through various social media platforms. The impact was remarkable – Sony managed to sell 380% more headphones than they had initially anticipated. By December 2014, these headphones were completely sold out in New Zealand, showcasing the remarkable success of this creative initiative.

Sony’s decision to think outside the box and present their waterproof Walkman in such an inventive manner paid off significantly. This example demonstrates the power of innovative marketing, illustrating how a fresh and captivating approach can captivate audiences and elevate a product’s popularity to new heights.

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