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Syeda Tuba Anwar Latest News

The Latest News about Syeda Tuba Anwar in news is Syeda Tuba Anwar Faces Backlash for Justifying Her Character in ‘Baby Baji’. Subscribe to the RSS or save the link to stay updated with Syeda Tuba Anwar latest news. publishes authentic and unbiased posts pertaining to Syeda Tuba Anwar regularly at this page. According to the News: The popular drama serial "Baby Baji" has been the talk of the town, and its lead actress, Syeda Tuba Anwar, who plays the character of Farhat, recently found herself at the center of controversy. In a recent interview, Tuba Anwar defended her character's actions, which had sparked criticism and disapproval from netizens. The drama revolves around the dynamics of a joint family, and Farhat's character has been at the center