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Pak Suzuki Stands Out: Motorcycle Sales in Pakistan Dip in July 2023

Downturn in Motorcycle Sales: Pak Suzuki's Impressive Upturn Amidst Industry Decline


According to recent data released by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA), the sales figures for motorcycles in July 2023 have depicted a noticeable decline. The total number of bikes sold during this period reached 73,588 units, reflecting an 11% drop in comparison to the previous month’s statistics.

Among the prominent motorcycle manufacturers, Atlas Honda experienced a downturn in sales, selling a total of 62,012 bikes in July, marking a 17% decrease in month-over-month (MoM) sales. In contrast, Pak Suzuki observed a significant upturn by selling 957 motorcycles in July, an impressive 164% increase when compared to the sales figures of June 2023.

Yamaha, however, faced a decline in sales, selling 675 motorcycles in July, which represents a decrease of 28% as compared to the preceding month. Notably, Chinese motorcycle brands also encountered a substantial setback, witnessing a plummet of up to 80% in sales in comparison to June.

While the PAMA report did not explicitly outline the underlying reasons for this decline, industry experts and research analysts have put forth insightful analyses. It is suggested that import restrictions and subsequent production interruptions could be contributing factors negatively impacting motorcycle manufacturers.

Moreover, industry watchdogs have pointed towards the soaring bike and fuel prices as potential culprits for the dwindling sales figures. Despite murmurs circulating about the possible restoration of imports within the auto sector, experts foresee a continued period of sluggish sales on the horizon. This projection is rooted in the broader economic landscape, as the industry grapples with the slow process of recovery from the ongoing economic challenges.

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