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Pak-China Auto Brand’s Debut: First Electric Car to Roll Out in Islamabad!


Pakistan, Islamabad: A groundbreaking shift is gearing up to electrify the streets of Islamabad as Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Pvt Ltd primes to unveil its inaugural electric car next month. This move aims to not only introduce the public to their novel Electric Vehicle (EV) marvel but also to catalyze its resonance across the market. CEO Khalid Mehmood elaborated that the electric car is designed for hassle-free home charging, amplifying convenience.

As anticipation mounts, the assembly plant from China is set to grace their premises by October, signaling the commencement of manufacturing operations come November 2023.

A Glance at the Road Ahead

Embarking on a visionary journey, the company is poised to open orders for EVs in January 2024, with a project delineated into two transformative phases. The inaugural phase will witness the launch of 2-door and 4-door vehicles meticulously crafted for the middle and lower-middle-class strata. Boasting lithium batteries with a robust warranty of 100,000 km or 4 years, these cars promise both sustainability and value.

Next Stop: Innovation

The second phase of their ambitious roadmap steers toward innovative horizons. The company envisions the introduction of Mini Pickups and specially-designed 2-wheelers catering to women. Embracing eco-friendliness with every stride, the 2-door electric car boasts a staggering range of up to 225 km on a single charge. Its 4-door counterpart confidently takes the lead with an impressive 350 km journey on the same charge.

A Pact with Potential

This remarkable journey is a result of a strategic collaboration between Pakistan and China, setting aside a formidable USD 5 million. The ultimate objective? A technology transfer rate of 100 percent within a span of two to five years. Eager to extend their footprint, the company envisions exports to diverse global destinations, Europe and Turkey included.

Witness the Future Unfold

The imminent arrival of Pak-China Huazi’s pioneering electric car marks a turning point in the automotive landscape, signaling a more sustainable and dynamic tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the horizon; the road to a cleaner, greener future is about to be paved with innovation. Don’t miss the electrifying spectacle!

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