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Yamaha Raises Bike Prices for The Fifth Time in 2023

Consumers Grapple with Ongoing Price Hikes and Their Impact


In what seems to be a belated Independence Day “gift” to the public, Yamaha, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, has once again jolted consumers with a substantial increase in bike prices. This latest surge in prices bears a striking resemblance to its predecessors, which had already sent shockwaves through the market.

The prior price adjustment was announced back in March, and the latest round has pushed the cost of motorcycles to new heights, now reaching a staggering Rs. 456,000. The revised prices for Yamaha’s diverse models are as follows:

Model Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Hike (Rs.)
YB 125Z 380,500 396,000 15,500
YB 125Z DX 408,500 423,500 15,000
YBR 125 419,000 435,500 16,500
YBR 125G 436,000 453,000 17,000
YBR 125G (Matte Gray) 439,000 456,000 17,000


This marks the fifth time that Yamaha has chosen to increase the prices of its bikes, with each revision significantly impacting consumers. Notably, last year, the company implemented price hikes a remarkable seven times. These repeated adjustments in prices are a direct response to the persistent economic challenges, prompting dealers and industry experts to anticipate further increases throughout the year.

The cumulative effect of these relentless price hikes has placed brand-new motorcycles out of reach for a majority of potential buyers. While the public has raised their voices, demanding the government’s attention to this pressing issue, their pleas have, unfortunately, fallen on deaf ears. The affordability of motorcycles and the broader market dynamics hang in the balance, as Yamaha’s latest move continues to send shockwaves through the industry.

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