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Daraz Pakistan Launches Million Dollar Creator Fund to Revolutionize E-commerce Influencer Marketing

Pioneering the Future of Live Commerce: Daraz's Bold Move Towards a Sustainable Creator Ecosystem


Karachi witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Daraz, the trailblazing e-commerce platform in Pakistan, declared the launch of a Million Dollar Creator Fund during its first-ever Influencer Convention. This initiative is set to propel the expansion of Daraz’s live commerce and affiliate influencer program throughout the country. At present, Daraz boasts an impressive 4.4 Billion Rupees in revenue generated from its Live & Affiliate influencer program, positioning itself as a pioneer in live commerce within Pakistan, a path paved by its parent company, Taobao, in China. With a strategic outlook, Daraz views live commerce as a pivotal element for long-term success and business sustainability.

The newly established fund stands as a testament to Daraz’s unwavering commitment to constructing a sustainable ecosystem in Pakistan that mutually benefits both brands and influencers, aligning with their respective business objectives. The current Daraz influencer community comprises over 2,400 creators, and the platform aspires to elevate this figure to an impressive 10,000 by the upcoming year. Holding the title of the largest live streaming platform in Pakistan, Daraz has notched up over 2.2 billion views and an astounding 4.6 billion minutes watched. Strengthening its mission, Daraz has forged strategic partnerships with esteemed brands such as Unilever, Reckitt, Loreal, Dawlance, and Xiaomi, aimed at further amplifying the impact of live commerce and affiliate influencer marketing across the nation.

Highlighting this pivotal juncture, Muhammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer at Daraz Pakistan, shared his insights, stating, “The announcement of a million-dollar creator fund is a major breakthrough to help build a sustainable creator ecosystem in Pakistan and support the creator economy. We remain committed to building and scaling the creator ecosystem and helping them build multiple monetization options.”

Ali Rizvi, Head of Daraz Live and Affiliates, shed light on the success factors behind Daraz’s achievements, stating, “The reason for our success lies behind our philosophy of understanding creator pain points and resolving them through automation and complete transparency. Daraz Live Commerce & Affiliate Influencer Marketing are a major success story and has helped disrupt the creator economy in Pakistan through innovation. We look forward to growing and scaling our creator pool even further with a commitment to streamlining our support to creators.”

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