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FBR issues new rules for transit trade with Tajikistan


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan has issued new rules for processing transit trade cargo between Pakistan and Tajikistan. The Tajikistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Rules 2023 will apply to Tajikistan’s cargo imported through Karachi Port, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, and Gwadar Port, as well as Tajikistan’s cargo to other countries via these ports.

Under the new rules, the Directorate General Reforms and Automation in Karachi will generate one or more user IDs for the focal person of the relevant Ministry of the Republic of Tajikistan to register traders, government organizations, United Nations (UN), or Diplomatic Missions based in Tajikistan with the Customs Computerized System (CCS).

Foreign entities will complete the required registration proforma and submit it to the CCS electronically. Once received, the CCS will generate a user ID and password and forward it to the applicant through their registered email address. Users can nominate up to three customs clearing agents or brokers to handle their transit cargo in Pakistan and also nominate a transport operator for handling the cargo.

Before the start of each calendar year, competent authorities of the two contracting parties will exchange an agreed number of permits for goods transport, with permits bearing the stamp of the competent authority of the State of the contracting party and the signature of an authorized person issuing the permit.

These new rules aim to streamline the transit trade process between Pakistan and Tajikistan and provide a more efficient and secure method for handling cargo.

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