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Citizens Demand Further Reduction in Petrol Prices

Public Requests Relief Amidst Petrol Price Concerns


Citizens have demanded further reduction in the price of petrol. They say that increasing it by 26 rupees and then reducing it by 8 rupees doesn’t make any sense.

Citizens argue that this will not result in any reduction in inflation.

It should be noted that from today, the price per liter of petrol has been reduced by 8 rupees. The new price of petrol is set at 323 rupees and 38 paise per liter, while the price of diesel has also been reduced by 11 rupees per liter. The new price is 318 rupees and 18 paise per liter.

According to sources, a 60 rupee per liter levy has been maintained on petrol and a 50 rupee per liter levy on diesel.

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