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How Much Did Inflation Increase in One Week? Latest Report

Get the Latest Insights on the One-Week Inflation Surge


The Statistical Bureau has released its weekly report on inflation.

According to the report issued by the Statistical Bureau, the weekly inflation rate in the country has seen a decimal increase of 0.93 percent. On an annual basis, inflation has reached a level of 38.67 percent based on annual figures.

According to the Statistical Bureau’s report, during the course of one week, there has been an increase in the prices of 22 essential commodities, while 11 have experienced a decrease.

As per the report, in the past week, the prices of petroleum products increased by 26.2 rupees, chicken saw an increase of 31.26 rupees per kilogram, garlic’s price increased by 24.01 rupees per kilogram, and the household LPG cylinder became 14.04 rupees more expensive.

According to the Statistical Bureau’s report, tomatoes became 2.41 rupees per kilogram more expensive last week, and there was an increase in the prices of lentils, moong beans, and gram as well.

The report also indicates that the price of tomatoes decreased by 12.39 rupees per kilogram in the past week.

Additionally, the price of sugar per kilogram decreased by 5.91 rupees, while potatoes, flour, jaggery, and other items experienced a moderate decrease in prices.

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