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Independence Day Alert: Fuel Prices Expected to Rise in Pakistan

Fuel Prices Likely to Go Up on Independence Day in Pakistan


As Pakistan celebrates its 76th Independence Day, there’s news that might concern everyone – petrol prices could go up again. For students wanting to understand what’s happening, let’s break down the details in simple words.

Starting from August 16, the cost of fuel might increase, which could affect the happy mood. The government might raise the price of petrol by about Rs. 15, and diesel might become even more expensive, going up by Rs. 20.

This change is because the price of crude oil in the world has gone up. It went from costing $86 for a barrel of oil to $91, and an extra $2 was added on top of that.

This worldwide increase in prices also means that diesel and petrol are now more expensive internationally too. The price of diesel and petrol went from $97 for a barrel to $102.

This isn’t the first time fuel prices in Pakistan have changed. Before, the government increased the price by Rs. 19.95 to follow what an organization called the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said. Right now, the cost of petrol is Rs. 272.95, and diesel is Rs. 273.40.

There’s another interesting thing that happened earlier. Pakistan decided not to buy oil from Russia anymore. They thought that Russian oil doesn’t really affect how much people pay for fuel. This shows that handling the energy situation is complicated and needs careful thinking.

To sum it up, the news about fuel prices going up in Pakistan reminds us that things happening around the world can affect our lives here. For students like you, it’s a chance to learn how governments make decisions about money and how it impacts everyday people. While enjoying Independence Day, remember that the cost of fuel is also a part of the bigger picture.

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