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Mobile Phone Imports Surge by 76% in a Month After Income Restrictions Eased

Significant Surge in Mobile Phone Imports Following Income Relief Measures


Karachi: There has been a 76% increase in mobile phone imports last month due to easing restrictions on income by State Bank.

In August of the previous year, phone revenues amounted to 13.92 billion rupees, but after a 76% increase in imports, now 32.71 billion rupees worth of phones have been imported.

According to the statistics agency, in August 2023, mobile phones worth 32.71 billion rupees were imported, while in July, mobile phone revenues amounted to 19.14 billion rupees.

In August 2023, 1.113 million dollars were spent on mobile phone imports, while in July 2023, 681,350 dollars were spent on mobile phones.

Last fiscal year, mobile phone revenues amounted to 136.84 billion rupees.

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