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USD to PKR Rate: Interbank Exchange Reaches PKR 296.50 for Dollar

Latest Update on Interbank Exchange Rate as Dollar Touches PKR 296.50


Due to government measures, the US dollar continued its downward trend over the past week.

Today, on the first day of the business week, the dollar further declined at interbank rates.

At the interbank, the dollar is now cheaper by 35 paisas, trading at PKR 296.50.

At the end of the previous business week, the interbank rate for the dollar was PKR 296.85.


Stock Exchange Shows Mixed Trends

Pakistan Stock Exchange is experiencing mixed trends in today’s business.

After a modest gain of 16 points, the Pakistan Stock Exchange’s 100-index reached 45,770 points.

At the end of the previous business week, the 100-index closed at 45,753 points.

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