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Government College University (GCU) Lahore Embarks on a Revolutionary Free Education Program


In a groundbreaking move to promote inclusive and accessible education, Government College University (GCU) Lahore has unveiled its new initiative, the ‘Free Education for All’ program. This landmark program aims to empower individuals with a genuine passion for learning, irrespective of their financial circumstances or academic background.

The visionary behind this transformative endeavor is GCU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi. He announced that the program will be launched as a pilot project in the Institute of History during the upcoming Fall semester of 2023, with plans for subsequent phases to expand the program to other departments across the university.

The core philosophy of the ‘Free Education for All’ program is to prioritize knowledge acquisition over degree-seeking and grading. Participants in this program will have the unique opportunity to attend classes from various degree programs offered by the university. The emphasis will be on the joy of learning and intellectual exploration, without the pressure of exams or formal degrees.

One of the key highlights of this program is the chance to learn from highly qualified and esteemed faculty members. By removing the barriers of traditional grading and certification, students can fully immerse themselves in the pursuit of knowledge and engage in academic discussions without academic pressures.

Prof. Zaidi emphasized the importance of democratizing education and making it accessible to all members of society, regardless of age, race, religion, or financial status. This initiative is a testament to GCU’s commitment to nurturing a culture of lifelong learning and promoting intellectual curiosity.

To enroll in the ‘Free Education for All’ program, individuals will need to undergo a simple police verification process, obtain a university card worth Rs. 200, and secure approval from the Chairperson and the instructor of the desired program or course. This streamlined enrollment process ensures that anyone with a genuine passion for learning can participate in this unique educational experience.

The initial phase of the program will commence in three departments within the Institute of Global and Historical Studies: History, Art History, and Archive Studies. Prof. Zaidi revealed the university’s plans to expand the program to other departments, starting with the Spring semester of 2024.

The introduction of this innovative program is expected to revolutionize the traditional learning approach. By bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds in a single class, the ‘Free Education for All’ program will create an intellectually stimulating environment, fostering mature discussions and facilitating a well-rounded educational experience.

GCU Lahore’s visionary initiative sets a remarkable example for other educational institutions, urging them to prioritize the dissemination of knowledge and embrace the ethos of inclusive education for the betterment of society as a whole.

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