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PM Shehbaz’s Promise: 1 Million Laptops for Students Annually

1 Million Laptops for Students Annually


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has unveiled an ambitious plan to distribute one million laptops each year if his government is re-elected in the upcoming general elections. Emphasizing the pivotal role of education and empowering talented youth, PM Shehbaz envisions this laptop distribution initiative as a stepping stone towards the nation’s comprehensive progress.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the cost of the laptops will be shared between the central government and the provincial authorities, ensuring a fair and equal distribution of laptops to students across the country.

In his address, PM Shehbaz also commended the remarkable ingenuity displayed by Pakistani youth. He cited impressive examples, such as transforming banana peels into useful products and developing agricultural drones, to highlight the immense potential that lies within the country’s young population.

Recognizing the significance of nurturing and supporting this pool of talented individuals, the Prime Minister emphasized that providing them with ample resources is critical for propelling the nation towards greater growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, PM Shehbaz shed light on the ongoing laptop distribution efforts and reiterated his government’s commitment to allocating even more laptops based on merit in the upcoming fiscal year.

Turning his attention to the economic front, PM Shehbaz emphasized the pivotal role of commercial banks. He called for increased support to young entrepreneurs, farmers, and small shopkeepers by facilitating their access to loans. By bolstering financial support for these vital sectors, the government aims to unleash the potential of these economic contributors and foster sustainable economic growth.

Addressing broader societal issues, PM Shehbaz called for national unity and a collective effort to combat poverty and corruption. He stressed the importance of working together as a nation to overcome these challenges and build a stronger and more prosperous Pakistan.

With these bold promises and a vision for a brighter future, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif aims to secure the support and confidence of the nation, pledging to propel Pakistan towards greater heights if given the opportunity to serve once again.

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