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A Film on the Titan’s Submarine Tragedy: Coming Soon

Unveiling the Untold Tragedy of the Titan Submarine


To explore the Titan’s wreckage, a film will be made on the Submarine’s incident involving the lost submarine Marines in the depths of the sea last June.

An Atlantic production company has announced making a film on the tragic incident of the Ocean Gate submarine.

Brian Dubens will produce the film, while Justin Mack Gregor and Jonathan Casey will write the story of the film.

The film will also depict the lives of the passengers who were on board before embarking on the submarine journey to explore the Ocean Gate.

There were five passengers on board the Marine, who had gone on a submarine journey to see the wreckage of the Titan.

The search for the Marines was halted on June 22 when their submarine was found on the seabed.

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