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Aroob Jatoi speaks out about the deepfake video that went popular

Shows shock at the bad use of deepfake technology to invade women's privacy


The well-known YouTuber Ducky Bhai’s wife, Aroob Jatoi, spoke out after an inappropriate video supposedly showing her went viral on the internet.

She was upset about how deepfake technology was being used maliciously to invade women’s privacy on social media site X, which used to be Twitter.

It was very serious, she said, “It is truly disheartening to see how deepfake technology is being misused to invade the privacy of individuals.”

Tweet by Aroob Jatoi about DeepkFake

Aroob Jatoi bravely admitted that there was a fake video of her in a compromising position. This shows how important it is to stop people from abusing AI right away. She urged people to act right away to make sure everyone’s safety and security.

The news came after her husband, Dicky Bhai, posted a video message on his social media accounts promising to help find the people who make these deepfake videos.

He promised Rs 1 million to anyone who could give him reliable information and the video’s source link.

In his video message, Dicky Bhai said again that he was determined to stop the spread of AI-made fake videos. He stressed how important it was to hold the criminals responsible and make sure the victims got justice.

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