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Bushra Ansari Opens Up About Her Relationship with Her Husband’s Children


Bushra Ansari recently revealed her marriage to Iqbal Hussain in one of her vlogs. The industry veteran disclosed that they have been married for a couple of years, but she had chosen to keep it private to avoid societal scrutiny. However, she felt it was time to introduce her husband to her fans.

Bushra Ansari Reveals Bond With Her Husband's Children
Bushra Ansari Reveals Bond With Her Husband's Children

In her most recent vlog, Bushra Ansari discussed the acceptability of marrying someone with an age gap. She mentioned that her husband’s maturity played a significant role in their relationship. Additionally, she emphasized that a marriage doesn’t break due to happy circumstances. Despite both her and Iqbal having experienced challenges in their previous marriages, they have chosen not to discuss them with each other.

She also discussed her relationship with her husband’s children, noting that he has two grown sons currently studying in Canada. Bushra shared that her own daughter resides in the same neighborhood, and they share a strong bond. She mentioned that her grandson is close in age to her husband’s children, which has facilitated the development of their relationship.

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