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Drama ‘Tere Bin’ Came to Me When I Was Contemplating Suicide: Agha Mustafa

Agha Mustafa's Journey from Despair to Success in the World of Entertainment


Pakistani actor Agha Mustafa has revealed that when he was offered the popular drama series “Tere Bin,” he was contemplating suicide due to the lack of work opportunities during those days.

Agha Mustafa recently discussed in detail the issues he faced with finding work, despite continuously auditioning for various hit dramas in private TV.

He mentioned that he worked on projects like “Aik Thi Maryam,” “Sang-e-Mar Mar,” and “Kaisa Hai Naseeban” for some time in the industry. However, despite these successful projects, there came a time when no one was offering him any work.

Speaking about the struggles he faced in the industry for two years, the actor stated that he did not concern himself with the lobbying that goes on and had complete faith that what is destined for him will come to him. Therefore, he relied on prayers and faith in Allah rather than asking fellow actors or directors for work.

Agha Mustafa said, “I never asked any colleague actor or director to get me work. Even after ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar,’ there came a time when no one was offering me work. At that time, I used to cry in my every prayer. Even after two years, when there was still no work, I got so disappointed that thoughts of suicide started coming to my mind.”

However, Agha Mustafa maintained his faith that sustenance is from Allah. During this period, he was offered the script for the drama series “Tere Bin” by GEO, and he decided to sign it without even reading the script because he needed to work, and bills were piling up.

The actor mentioned that after recording a few scenes for the drama, he realized that the project was excellent, and he put in more effort. Eventually, the drama became a massive hit, and one project after another started rolling in for him.

He concluded by saying that during those two years of hardship, the struggle ended when he began to receive one project after another. Perhaps, Allah intended to teach him a valuable lesson during that time.

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