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Famous Actress Who Beat Iqra Aziz In First Audition

Iqra Aziz's Audition Revelation and Personal Insights


Iqra Aziz Opens Up About Her Early Career and Marriage in Candid Interview

Renowned actress and model, Iqra Aziz, recently revealed a surprising aspect of her career during a private TV interview. She disclosed that she was initially rejected in her first audition, with actress Hina Altaf chosen for the role instead.

Aziz, a 25-year-old actress celebrated for her acting prowess in the Pakistani drama industry, provided a candid glimpse into her life and career during the interview. She not only answered questions but also unveiled many personal secrets.

Discussing her professional journey, Aziz mentioned that she embarked on her acting career at a young age. She had the habit of accepting roles right from her first day, evaluating scripts, and readily embracing character proposals.

During the interview, Aziz also shared insights into her upbringing and her mother’s pivotal role in it. She revealed that her mother worked as a taxi driver and never hesitated to stand up for herself when confronted.

Furthermore, Aziz delved into her marriage to actor, producer, and director Yasir Hussain. Initially, she had decided against marrying within the showbiz industry, but meeting Yasir changed her perspective. She credited Yasir for his constant support and encouragement, which led to their marriage.

It’s noteworthy that Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain tied the knot in December 2019 and now have a son together, marking a significant chapter in her personal life.

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