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Hania Aamir shared a video with Indian singer Badshah


A few months back, Hania Aamir and Indian singer Badshah gained attention when they posted photos together on their official Instagram accounts. The two stars had several meetings in Dubai. However, fans from both Pakistan and India expressed their disapproval of Hania Aamir’s pictures with Badshah.

Today, Hania Aamir shared another Instagram post featuring singer Badshah. Both celebrities are currently in Dubai to attend a cricket match. During their time together, they had a friendly exchange. Badshah even sang the popular Pakistani song “Kala Jora” for Hania and asked her some questions. He was impressed by Hania Aamir’s large social media following. Their interaction was warm and amicable.

Hania Aamir Drops Video With Indian Singer Badshah

Pakistani and Indian fans are expressing dissatisfaction over the close relationship between their favorite, Hania Aamir, and Indian singer Badshah. They are criticizing Badshah for spending time with Hania Aamir, urging for an end to their friendship. Some fans suggested that Hania Aamir’s supporters should switch their allegiance to another celebrity due to her association with Badshah. Fans are also directing questions towards Hania about her relationship with Badshah. One fan even mentioned allowing Pakistani fans to criticize Badshah, using strong language in their comments.


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