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Hareem Shah’s Exciting News for Fans After Husband’s Safe Return

Hareem Shah Has Exciting News for Her Followers


Pakistani TikToker and actress Hareem Shah has made a big announcement for her followers on the occasion of her husband Bilal Shah’s safe return home.

It’s worth noting that Bilal Shah’s mother, Shahzadi Begum, had confirmed a few days ago that Bilal Shah had gone missing a few days ago but safely returned home last night at around 12 AM.

Regarding this development, TikToker Hareem Shah also shared a post on her social media platform X (formerly Twitter), in which she wrote, “Alhamdulillah, my husband Bilal Shah has safely returned home this morning. Thank you to all those who raised their voices for my husband.”

In the joy of her husband Bilal Shah’s safe return home, TikToker Hareem Shah announced for her followers that, “On your insistence, I will buy a blue subscription for a few of my followers today. If you also want a blue tick, comment ‘I want’ below, thank you.”

Following TikToker Hareem Shah’s announcement, within a short span of about three hours, over 1,500 shares and more than 7,000 comments were made on her post, expressing their desire for a verification badge.


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