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How a Wife Shapes a Man’s Life: Khalilur Rahman Shares Exclusive Insights

Khalilur Rahman's Perspective: The Unique Role of a Wife in Shaping a Man's Life


Famed scriptwriter Khalilur Rahman Kamar firmly asserts that he holds the belief that no one can provide a man with nurturing and care like a wife can.

Recently, Khalilur Rahman Kamar participated in a private television show where the host posed various questions, including ones regarding infidelity and love.

Khalilur Rahman emphasized that humorous remarks about wives should be taken as jokes. In reality, he views a good wife as a divine blessing. He strongly contends that no one but a wife is capable of nurturing a man.

During the conversation, Khalilur Rahman Kamar offered advice to married men, advising them against attempting to dominate their wives by asserting their husbandly status. Instead, he suggested treating wives with love and respect. He cautioned against trying to establish dominance in front of wives, likening it to placing weapons in front of one’s mother-in-law. This analogy highlights the importance of recognizing that wives hold a position of equal significance as mothers.

The drama writer underscored the significance of demonstrating love and respect towards one’s wife and advised against engaging in unnecessary arguments. This approach, he explained, leads to a sense of perpetual freshness in one’s life.

Regarding the consequences of infidelity, Khalilur Rahman Kamar stated that the punishment should mirror the punishment depicted in his drama, “Be Wafa Kay Liye Meri Saza Drama Mein Tum Ho” (The punishment for infidelity in my drama is like you). He believes that unfaithful individuals should receive a life sentence as their punishment, emphasizing that it is not his responsibility to leave them, but rather, they should be made aware that they are no longer his responsibility.

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