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Sarmad Khoosat Presents “Zindagi Tamasha” Full Movie on YouTube

Sarmad Khoosat Unveils "Zindagi Tamasha" on YouTube


The Unveiling of a Digital Odyssey

In a dramatic turn of events, the cinematic journey of “Zindagi Tamasha” takes an unexpected route as filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat embraces the digital realm, announcing that the film will soon find its way to YouTube. A culmination of years of tumultuous delays and political entanglements, Khoosat’s decision to independently release the film online seems to be a poignant response to the challenges faced by the film in Pakistani cinemas.

A Date to Remember: Digital Premiere Set

In an Instagram video that echoed with determination, Sarmad Khoosat shared his intent to offer the film “Zindagi Tamasha” to the public directly through the Khoosat Films YouTube channel. Marking August 4th on calendars, Khoosat declared that the full version of the film would be available for streaming, unmarred by intrusive advertisements.

Preserving Artistic Integrity

Crucially, the version presented on YouTube is the very same that earned the seal of approval from the censor boards. This strategic move not only ensures that the audience experiences the filmmaker’s original vision but also sidesteps any potential restraints that could arise from the prevailing controversies.

Facing Systemic Challenges

The filmmaker candidly addressed the challenges that have punctuated the film’s journey to the silver screen, stating, “There is a bit of a sense of failure, but it is not just mine. It is the system’s, it is that our voices are just not powerful enough.”

Unlocking a New Dimension

The decision to bypass traditional cinematic avenues and embrace a digital premiere stems from a desire to safeguard artistic integrity while enabling a broader audience to access the narrative. “There will be no collective cinematic experience of watching the story which was meant to be yours, meant to be felt by you, meant to be received by you. It will now be received through YouTube,” expressed Khoosat.

Art for All: A Priceless Offering

The filmmaker’s mission extends beyond mere distribution, as he emphasizes that the viewing experience is offered entirely free of charge. Addressing the audience directly, Khoosat encouraged contributions to support artistic independence and the efforts of a small production house. He articulated, “So, Zindagi Tamasha is now all yours, and the only request I will make is, when you see the film, do so with an open mind, ignore the controversy about it, and judge it on its own merits and demerits.”

A Resilient Journey

“Zindagi Tamasha,” Pakistan’s official entry to the Oscars in 2021, had faced a convoluted journey marred by political controversies. The film, once poised for theatrical release, encountered a series of impediments that prevented its intended collective cinematic experience. Despite the setbacks, the film’s triumphant international journey was undeniable. The prestigious Kim Ji-Seok Award at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019 and the Snow Leopard Award for Best Film at the 6th Asian World Film Festival in 2021 are testaments to the film’s profound impact.

The Digital Stage Beckons

As the digital stage becomes the canvas for “Zindagi Tamasha,” Sarmad Khoosat’s audacious move serves as a beacon of artistic resilience and the enduring quest to share stories, unfettered and unfiltered


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