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Shirazi’s father shares a message directed at young vloggers


Shirazi and Muskan have become a beloved sibling pair online. Their endearing videos, which offer glimpses into their culture and community, have attracted over a million subscribers to their vlog channel. Recently, Shirazi’s father, also a vlogger, joined him for a mini-interview to discuss their journey.

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He also emphasized the importance of prioritizing Shirazi’s education above all else, instilling this value in him. He mentioned observing numerous other children venturing into vlogging and expressed support for their passion. However, he wished to convey a message to their parents, urging them to prioritize education as it serves as a foundation for success in all aspects of life.

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Shirazi’s father disclosed that he posted his son’s video because he found it incredibly adorable and well-crafted, feeling compelled to share it with a wider audience. Shiraz had filmed the video using his mother’s phone, recognizing its potential. He also expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support their family received when the video went viral.

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