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TikTok Removed 18 Million Videos From Pakistan in Just 3 Months


By Staff Published Apr 1, 2024 4:56 pm

In its ongoing effort to create a secure and positive online atmosphere, TikTok has released its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the last quarter of 2023. This report highlights TikTok’s commitment to being transparent, safe, and inclusive, showing its dedication to building trust and ensuring a secure platform for its worldwide community.

Between October and December of 2023, TikTok took action to remove 176 million videos globally, which represents about 1.0% of all videos uploaded on the platform. A significant portion of these removals, about 128 million videos, were identified and removed through automated detection technologies, while 8 million videos were restored after further review.

In Pakistan alone, TikTok took action against 18 million videos for violating its Community Guidelines during the last quarter, demonstrating its determination to effectively address violations. Additionally, TikTok actively targeted spam accounts and related content, implementing strong measures to prevent the spread of automated spam accounts.

An impressive 95.3% of videos violating the guidelines were removed within 24 hours of posting, with a global proactive removal rate of 99.5% for the quarter. As part of its global efforts to protect younger users, TikTok also removed 19.84 million accounts suspected of belonging to individuals under the age of 13.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines are designed to cultivate a safe, inclusive, and authentic environment for all users, without exception. The guidelines are applied uniformly across all content and users, with TikTok striving for consistency and fairness in its enforcement actions.

Using advanced technology and human oversight, TikTok identifies, reviews, and addresses content that goes against its guidelines. The periodic release of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report provides insights into the scale and nature of content and account actions, underscoring TikTok’s commitment to full transparency.

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