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TikTok Unveils New Feature to Help Creators Earn More


TikTok has announced a new feature called TikTok Series, which aims to help creators monetize their content. The new tool will allow creators to publish longer videos, up to 20 minutes in length, as part of a series or collection that can only be accessed by paying subscribers.

TikTok is already the top platform for short-form content, and with this new feature, it’s set to become a hub for web series too. Each collection can contain up to 80 videos, providing creators with an opportunity to showcase their talent and produce short web series on their profiles.

While the new feature is undoubtedly exciting for creators, TikTok has restricted access to a select group of creators to prevent abuse. The platform will closely monitor the Series feature and make adjustments based on feedback received before expanding it to more creators in the future.

TikTok’s continuous introduction of new features that benefit both creators and users of the platform has helped it remain ahead of its competitors, including Reels on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube’s Shorts. With TikTok Series, the platform is poised to provide even more value to its users and cement its position as the top platform for short-form and now long-form content.

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