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Vicky Kaushal’s Father’s Unforgettable Incident of Dishonor on a Film Set

Vicky Kaushal's Journey to Emotional Resilience Through Father's Lessons


Vicky Kaushal says that his father tried to teach him emotional control. His father, Shyam Kaushal, was a director.

In an interview, Vicky revealed that once his father was dishonored on set, he didn’t hide it from them. When they returned home, he cried in front of them and told them that today, the seniors publicly dishonored him.

It is clear that in the early days of his career, Vicky Kaushal’s father, Shyam Kaushal, was an assistant.

Vicky said that his father used to tell him and his brother all these things when they were children, and his mother used to tell them about his father’s routine.

Vicky said that his father used to say that things will not always be in your favor, most of the time they will be against you, this is life.

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