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Daring Criminal Steals Car in Front of Owner in Saudi Arabia [Video]

Shocking Footage of a Brazen Car Theft Caught on Camera


A recent social media video has captured a daring car theft that occurred in broad daylight in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. According to a report from a Saudi news agency, the car owner was present at a workshop while his car was being serviced when a thief suddenly entered the vehicle and drove away, even though the car’s hood was still open.

Despite the owner’s attempts to stop the thief, the culprit managed to escape with the stolen car. Local authorities acted swiftly, apprehending the thief. The stolen vehicle was subsequently returned to its owner, and the thief is now facing legal charges.

To combat such incidents, Saudi Arabia’s Public Security had previously released an infographic providing guidance on reporting a stolen car to the authorities efficiently.

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