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Devastation in Libya After Flood: 11,300 Dead, Over 10,000 Missing

Libya's Worst Flood: 11,300 Dead, 10,000+ Missing


In the Libyan city of Derna, the aftermath of a marine storm originating from the Mediterranean Sea has resulted in the worst devastation following a flood. The death toll has risen to 11,300 people, while more than 10,000 individuals remain missing.

According to reports from international media, due to the recent flood in Libya, the death toll has reached 11,300, with the bodies of 3,000 victims buried in mass graves.

The United Nations has issued an appeal for emergency assistance of $71 million to aid the flood-affected individuals in Libya.

The World Meteorological Organization has stated that if Libya had an active meteorological department, such extensive damage could have been prevented.

Furthermore, the Libyan Parliament has approved an emergency budget of nearly $2 billion to address the flood damage.

It is noteworthy that the Mayor of Derna expressed concern that the death toll in Libya due to the flood could reach up to 20,000.

As a result of the marine storm, curfews were imposed on the northeastern coastal regions of Libya, and educational institutions were temporarily closed.

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