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Dubai Company’s Million-Dirham Robbery Foiled by Quick-Thinking Employees

A Small Mistake, a Big Save: Inside the Swift Action that Prevented a Heist in the Heart of Dubai


Dubai, UAE, September 28, 2023 – A company in Dubai narrowly escaped a million-dirham heist due to a tiny error, leading to the capture of the culprits by the Dubai Police.

As per Al-Bayan Arabic News, the police apprehended a group involved in a 1 million dirham robbery stemming from a minor mistake. The incident began within a Dubai company after a report of a 1 million dirham loss from its lockers triggered investigations by specialized teams.

Upon closer inspection, experts uncovered a surprising tale involving four employees. Captain Hamdan Al-Ahli, heading the investigation, exposed the details of the robbery and identified the mastermind.

The suspects gained entry through the company’s main door, launching an attack on employees, tying them up with plastic ropes. They then directed a fourth employee to empty the company safe and fill bags with valuables.

After the gang left, the fourth employee managed to free himself, alerting the Dubai Police. Investigation of the entry door revealed shoe prints, and it was observed that the door had been kicked open, leaving marks.

Further examination unveiled that the ropes had been cut with a sharp blade, found hidden in a drawer rather than near the ropes.

Subsequent investigations linked the shoe print to the fourth employee, who later confessed. He revealed that the true mastermind was the original culprit, coercing his colleagues into participating. The police promptly informed the authorities, ensuring no doubts about the crime.

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