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Dubai’s E-Scooter and Bicycle Guidelines: A Roadmap to Avoiding Penalties

Navigate the Streets of Dubai with Confidence by Understanding Key Traffic Regulations


The vibrant streets of Dubai have witnessed a surge in the popularity of e-scooters and bicycles, providing residents and tourists with a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. However, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is now cracking down on violators, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic rules to ensure safety on the city’s thoroughfares.

In a recent advisory issued by the RTA, residents and visitors alike are reminded of the stringent regulations governing the use of e-scooters and bicycles in the emirate. The advisory highlights seven specific violations, each accompanied by a corresponding fine amount ranging up to Dh300. These fines are intended to deter individuals from flouting the rules and risking the safety of themselves and others on the roads.

Here are the key violations and their associated penalties:

1. Carrying a passenger on a bicycle or electric bicycle – Fine: Dh200
2. Carrying a passenger on an e-scooter – Fine: Dh300
3. Failure to wear the required safety gear and helmet – Fine: Dh200
4. Disregarding RTA’s speed limits on designated tracks – Fine: Dh100
5. Riding a bicycle in a manner that endangers lives – Fine: Dh300
6. Non-compliance with directional signs on roads and tracks – Fine: Dh200
7. Unaccompanied cycling for children under the age of 12 – Fine: Dh200

The RTA has taken to social media to disseminate these rules widely, urging residents to familiarize themselves with the guidelines to avoid falling prey to penalties. Among the key directives emphasized by the RTA include a maximum speed limit of 20km/hr on designated tracks in residential areas and beaches. Riders are expected to strictly adhere to these speed limits and follow the directional signs.

Additionally, the advisory underscores that e-scooters are strictly prohibited from carrying passengers, and only individuals under the age of 16 are permitted to operate these vehicles. Furthermore, children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult while cycling.

Dubai’s commitment to enforcing these regulations underscores its dedication to maintaining a safe and orderly urban environment. As the popularity of e-scooters and bicycles continues to rise, residents are encouraged to embrace these sustainable modes of transportation responsibly, keeping both personal safety and civic rules in mind.

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