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Eiffel Tower’s Silent Night: Paris Stands with Morocco

Paris's Eiffel Tower Stands Dark in Commemoration of Moroccan Earthquake Victims


As the sun set over Paris on Saturday night, the Eiffel Tower, a beacon of light and symbol of French resilience, went dark. This was not a blackout but a poignant tribute to the thousands who perished in the recent Moroccan earthquake.

Late Friday evening, Mother Nature’s fury unleashed on the High Atlas region of Morocco, with a terrifying 6.8 magnitude earthquake. The aftermath has left more than 2,000 souls departed, making it one of the most catastrophic seismic events Morocco has witnessed in decades.

Marrakesh, the gem of Morocco renowned for its cultural heritage, faced substantial devastation. Structures that once stood tall crumbled to the ground, rendering many of its landmarks unrecognizable. The tremors echoed far and wide, reaching the corridors of power in Rabat and the bustling streets of Casablanca.

Paris’s decision to douse the Eiffel Tower’s illuminations for the night exemplified global unity and the international community’s grief for Morocco. The darkened Parisian skyline symbolized the shared sorrow, extending a hand of solidarity to the Moroccan people.

Yet, in the shadows of this catastrophe lies a compelling wake-up call. Countries vulnerable to such seismic activities, Morocco included, must prioritize building earthquake-resistant structures. It’s not merely an architectural challenge but a crucial stride towards safeguarding lives against unforeseen natural calamities.

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