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Google Pays Apple for Finding Chrome Security Issue

Apple's SEAR Team Discovers Vulnerability in Chrome


In an unexpected revelation, it has come to light that Google pays Apple for uncovering security vulnerabilities in its widely-used web browser, Chrome. Recently, Apple’s dedicated Security Engineering and Architecture team (SEAR) identified a significant security flaw in Chrome, which Google duly acknowledged. As a token of appreciation, Google presented the SEAR team with a bug bounty totaling $15,000.

Collaboration for Cybersecurity

Apple’s SEAR team assumes a vital role in upholding the security foundation of all Apple products, encompassing Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. While their main focus lies on safeguarding Apple’s proprietary systems, they also demonstrate responsible conduct by disclosing any vulnerabilities detected in third-party products.

Underlying Vulnerability

The identified vulnerability in Chrome pertains to its WebGL implementation, a technology enabling interactive graphics rendering within the browser sans the need for additional plug-ins. Termed an “out of bounds read and write” vulnerability, it poses a potential risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Swift Response and Resolution

Fortunately, the vulnerability has not yet been exploited by any known means. Promptly addressing the issue, Google took corrective action by deploying an update that rectified the flaw, ensuring enhanced security for Chrome users.

In a digital landscape that constantly evolves, the collaboration between technology giants like Google and Apple signifies the industry’s collective commitment to cybersecurity and the shared responsibility of ensuring users’ online safety.

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