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iPhone 15 Heist in Nottingham: Duo Swipes Display at EE Store

Brazen Robbery Nets £5,000 Worth of Latest iPhones; Thieves Caught on Camera


In a jaw-dropping incident that sent shockwaves through a Nottinghamshire town, a bold duo executed a brazen heist at an EE store in the Priory Centre. Local reports detail the audacious act, wherein two men ruthlessly attacked an iPhone 15 display, violently stomping and kicking their way to a clandestine haul.

The shocking theft, transpiring on October 1, saw the criminals decimate the carefully arranged iPhone 15 stand at the EE store. The entire escapade, captured on security cameras, showcased the assailants making off with a cache of iPhone 15s, collectively valued at over £5,000, as stated in the police report.

Law enforcement swiftly intervened, utilizing the recorded footage to track down the daring thieves. In a commendable display of investigative prowess, officers managed to apprehend the culprits and successfully recover the pilfered devices.

One of the perpetrators faced charges related to both theft and the assault of a sales staff member during the heist. Meanwhile, the other individual involved found themselves in the realm of youth justice, as the legal consequences of their audacious act began to unfold.

This audacious incident not only highlights the vulnerability of retail spaces to such daring acts but also underscores the importance of robust security measures in curbing such heinous activities. As the legal proceedings progress, the community remains on edge, reflecting on the audacity of this shocking iPhone 15 heist that unfolded in broad daylight.

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