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Mandatory ID Card Requirement for Purchasing Holy Quran Ensured for Safety

Safer Purchase of Holy Quran: New ID Card Requirement Introduced


Attention all international students! A new rule has been put in place to make buying the Holy Quran safer. Now, you need to show an identity card when you want to buy the Holy Quran or Sipara. This is important to prevent bad things from happening.

The people in charge of different areas, called Tehsil administration and police, have given clear instructions to the people who own bookshops. They have to follow these rules so that everyone stays safe. They need to sell only the approved versions of the Holy Quran and Sipara that the government allows.

The bookshop owners have to make sure that they ask for your national identity card before selling you the Holy Quran or Sipara. They will also write down your name, where you live, and your phone number. After that, you can get the Holy Quran or Sipara. The Tehsil administration and police want the bookshops to put up signs that tell everyone about this rule. If the shopkeepers don’t follow the rules, they will get in trouble.

So, remember to bring your ID card if you want to buy the Holy Quran or Sipara. Stay safe and follow the rules!

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