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New York Allows Call to Prayer via Loudspeakers in Mosques

A Landmark Step Towards Religious Inclusivity and Unity


A groundbreaking decision has unfolded in the United States, as the call to prayer will now be heard through loudspeakers at mosques across New York. The Muslim community has warmly welcomed this historic move, which grants permission for the Friday prayer’s call (Adhan) to be amplified via loudspeakers within the city’s mosques.

According to international media reports, the city of New York will soon witness the resounding echo of the Friday call to prayer, as mosques have been granted the authorization to utilize loudspeakers for broadcasting the Adhan. This development aims to facilitate congregational Friday prayers and enhance community engagement.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York announced this landmark decision during a press conference. He revealed that the call to prayer will be broadcast through loudspeakers at mosques during the Friday congregational prayers. Moreover, during the holy month of Ramadan, the Maghrib (sunset) call to prayer will also be amplified through loudspeakers.

The Muslim American community in New York has extended a warm appreciation to the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the city’s mayor for this significant decision. This inclusive approach is seen as a gesture of respect for religious diversity and a step towards fostering unity within the city.

This historic move not only serves as a testament to the spirit of religious harmony and freedom in the United States but also reflects the city’s commitment to recognizing and embracing the practices of its diverse communities.

As the call to prayer resonates through the loudspeakers of New York’s mosques, it marks a milestone in the city’s journey towards inclusivity and cultural acceptance. The echoes of this decision are expected to reverberate not only within the Muslim community but across the entire city, symbolizing the power of unity and respect for all faiths.

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