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Powerful lightning strikes the Clock Tower in Mecca


Makkah, a very important place for Muslims, had big rain and storms last night. The pictures and videos of this have become very popular on the internet.

People put up the videos on a website called X. This website is famous for telling real news about Haramain. Haramain is a special place for Muslims. In the videos, we can see people going around the Kaaba even though it’s raining a lot.

The videos are very interesting. The rain and wind make the videos look nice. In the videos, we can also see things flying around because of the strong wind. People who clean the place are slipping on the wet floor. This is because of the rain.

The news on the internet also says that other parts of Makkah, like the roads near the Masjid al-Haram, got flooded because of the rain.

But even with so much rain, people who were there to do Umrah didn’t stop. Umrah is a special thing that Muslims do. They go around the Kaaba as a way of showing their faith. They also praise Allah while doing this.

People are amazed by the videos of these special moments. They show how strong people’s faith can be. Even when things are hard, people still believe and do their rituals. This shows that people’s faith is very strong.

The rain and storms made everything harder, but it didn’t stop the people. They kept on doing what they came to do. This is a big lesson for all of us. It shows that no matter what happens, we can keep our faith and do what’s important.

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