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Sheikh Sudais Appointed Head of Religious Affairs at Two Holy Mosques

Sheikh Sudais Takes Helm of Two Holy Mosques


In a significant development, His Majesty has appointed Sheikh Sudais as the Head of the newly established General Authority of Religious Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. This prestigious appointment comes with the rank of a minister, marking a pivotal moment in religious leadership.

A Respected Figure:

Sheikh Sudais, previously known for his role as the President of the now dissolved Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, has been a respected and influential figure in the Islamic world. His wealth of experience and dedication to religious matters have garnered admiration from followers globally.

New Responsibilities:

With this appointment, Sheikh Sudais assumes the responsibility of overseeing and guiding the religious affairs associated with the Two Holy Mosques. This vital role ensures the preservation of the sanctity and significance of these revered places of worship.

Continuity and Progression:

Sheikh Sudais’s transition from the Presidency to the General Authority of Religious Affairs signifies a commitment to continuity and progression in the management of religious matters. This move reflects His Majesty’s dedication to upholding the highest standards in religious leadership.

As Sheikh Sudais takes on this new role, his experience and leadership qualities are poised to contribute significantly to the General Authority of Religious Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. This appointment reinforces the pursuit of excellence in spiritual guidance and administration, ensuring the continued reverence of these sacred sites.

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