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Spectacular ‘Union Fortress 9’ Military Parade Preparations in UAE: Residents Warned of Sensory Extravaganza

UAE Ministry of Defense Gears Up for Grand November Parade, Invites Public to Witness Military Prowess and Patriotism on Yas Island


Abu Dhabi, September 22, 2023 – Residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been issued a prelude to a sensory spectacle as the nation’s military readies itself for the grand ‘Union Fortress 9’ military parade. The Ministry of Defense, the stalwart guardian of the nation’s security, has cautioned the public to brace for reverberating sounds, and the rhythmic movements of aircraft and armored vehicles that are set to grace the skies and streets today.

The Ministry of Defense chose the social media platform ‘X’ as its medium to relay this forewarning, emphasizing that the auditory and visual spectacle will unfurl today, on September 22, 2023, commencing at 4:30 PM local time. This dazzling prelude is scheduled to occur on Yas Island and is a testament to the meticulous preparations underway for the forthcoming military parade scheduled to take place in November in Abu Dhabi.

In a magnanimous gesture, the Ministry extended a cordial invitation to the general public, calling upon residents to witness the live performance. The invitation stated: “The Ministry of Defense and the organizing committee are eager to extend this noble audience the opportunity to witness a live exhibition, reflecting the unwavering dedication and the formidable capabilities of the UAE armed forces, who stand resolute in their mission to safeguard the nation, its citizens, and the cherished residents on its sovereign land.”

The Ministry also divulged that UAE residents can partake in this visual feast from the very heart of the event, Yas Island. Giant screens will be strategically positioned on either side of the main platform, ensuring that every nuance of this grand military parade is visible to all who gather to witness the spectacle. The ‘Union Fortress 9’ military parade promises to be a spectacular display of national pride and military prowess, a testament to the UAE’s commitment to safeguarding its territorial integrity and ensuring the safety and security of its people.

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