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Tragic Skydiving Accident: Pilot Faces Manslaughter Trial for Fatal Collision

Shocking 2018 Wingsuit Fatality Leads to Legal Battle in French Skies


In a shocking incident that transpired in 2018, a skydiver met a tragic end moments after leaping from an aircraft while wearing a wingsuit. This grim occurrence has now thrust the pilot into a courtroom battle, facing manslaughter charges, as reported by various media outlets.

The victim, identified as Nicolas Galy, aged 40 at the time, was one of ten individuals on board a single-engine Pilatus aircraft piloted by Alain C, aged 64. The fateful incident took place in July 2018 over the picturesque region of southwestern France. Galy and his fellow parachutists embarked on a daring mission, leaping out of the aircraft from an altitude of 14,000 feet, equipped with wingsuits designed for gliding through the skies. Tragically, just a mere 20 seconds into his freefall, Galy collided with the aircraft’s left wing, resulting in a horrific beheading, as detailed in a report by the Daily Mail.

Subsequent to this devastating mishap, the pilot, Alain, found himself facing manslaughter charges and undergoing trial proceedings in France. During the course of the trial, Alain expressed his profound remorse, referring to the incident as “the tragedy of my life.” Nevertheless, he asserted that Nicolas Galy had not adhered to the anticipated flight path, suggesting that Galy’s deviation from the expected trajectory was a crucial factor in the accident. The Times provided insight into Alain’s defense, quoting him as stating, “He (Nicolas Galy) was parallel to the plane, and I thought he was further north. It wasn’t my responsibility. I think my flight path made sense. This has been the tragedy of my life, but I am not at fault.” Alain had been employed by a local parachuting school at the time of the incident.

In contrast to Alain’s assertions, the prosecutor, Jeanne Regagnon, contended that Nicolas Galy had diligently followed all prescribed flight procedures and had exhibited no negligence in his actions. In fact, she asserted that Galy was the sole parachutist who strictly adhered to the established rules.

Further complicating Alain’s defense, he admitted to not providing a pre-flight briefing to the parachutists and wingsuiters aboard the aircraft. Additionally, it was revealed that he had been operating the aircraft without a valid pilot’s license. Reportedly, the French aviation authority had imposed certain flight restrictions on Alain due to his medical condition.

In light of these circumstances, the prosecutor, Jeanne Regagnon, called for a 12-month suspended prison sentence for Alain and a €10,000 fine for the parachuting school.

The courtroom drama continues, with the verdict expected to be delivered in November, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the fate of the pilot, Alain, and the tragic incident that unfolded in the skies of southwestern France.

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