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Lahore Faces Surge in Pink-Eye Disease Cases


Lahore Faces Surge in Pink-Eye Disease Cases

Lahore is currently experiencing a significant rise in the number of conjunctivitis cases, commonly referred to as ‘pink eye.’ This alarming increase has caused considerable concern among the city’s residents. The highly infectious eye condition has rapidly spread across various parts of the city, resulting in a significant number of individuals seeking medical care.

Every day, over five hundred people are visiting hospitals due to this eye infection, putting immense pressure on Lahore’s healthcare infrastructure. Medical experts have pinpointed the cause as viral conjunctivitis and are warning about the risk of further spread if preventive steps aren’t taken promptly.

Symptoms of this infection include intense redness, swelling of the eyes, and excessive tearing, heightening worries about the outbreak’s intensity. The rate of transmission is particularly concerning, with the virus spreading not only through direct touch but also airborne and even during casual conversations.

Prominent ophthalmologist, Professor Asad Aslam, has highlighted the urgent need for preventive measures. He emphasized the ease with which the virus can spread through contact with infected surfaces, being in close proximity to affected individuals, and even through regular conversations. Professor Aslam recommends wearing protective eyewear, immediate isolation of personal items like bedding and utensils, and practicing utmost caution to halt further spread.

He also underscored the significance of maintaining strict hygiene to counteract the virus’s spread, noting that the virus can linger on surfaces for extended durations. If an infected person touches their eye and then touches other surfaces or people, the risk of transmission is considerably high.

It’s worth noting that such eye infections are especially common during the rainy season. Therefore, it’s crucial for Lahore’s residents to remain vigilant and strictly adhere to hygiene protocols.

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