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Schengen Visa 2023: Comprehensive Cost and Fee Breakdown

Understanding Fees, Waivers, and Additional Charges for the Schengen Visa


Are you planning to visit Europe’s Schengen Area? If so, understanding the cost of the Schengen visa for 2023 can help you plan your trip better. The Schengen visa lets you visit multiple European countries with just one visa. But, how much does it cost? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown for Pakistani travellers.

What is the Schengen Visa?

The Schengen visa is essentially a ticket to 26 European countries, making it ideal for tourists and business travellers alike. However, there are multiple factors that decide its cost, from your age to your nationality.

Understanding the Costs for 2023

  1. Standard Fees:
    • Adults: EUR 80 (Approx. PKR 15,000)
    • Children (6-12 years): EUR 40 (Approx. PKR 7,500)
  2. Country-Specific Fees:
    • For Azerbaijani and Armenian nationals: EUR 35
    • Gambia citizens: EUR 120
  3. Special Cases:
    • Some countries, like Serbia and Ukraine, have a different fee if travellers don’t have a biometric passport. In these cases, the cost is EUR 35.

Who Gets a Fee Waiver?

Certain travellers are lucky enough to get a fee waiver:

  • Officials with diplomatic, service, or official passports.
  • Direct family members of someone from the EU/EEA.
  • Students and their teachers on school trips.
  • Researchers for scientific purposes.

Moreover, if you’re under 25 and attending an event by a non-profit, your visa fee might be waived depending on the event’s importance.

Extra Charges to Consider

Many a time, visa agencies like VFS Global or TLS are the go-to for visa applications. If you apply through them, keep in mind:

  • The fee varies: In Dubai, it’s EUR 30.33; in India, it’s EUR 32.20, and in Nepal, it’s EUR 42.27.
  • These agencies make the process smoother, but their charges are over and above the regular visa fees.

In Conclusion

Traveling to the Schengen Area can be a dream come true for many Pakistanis. By understanding the Schengen visa cost and potential extra charges, you can budget for your European adventure more effectively. Remember to always check the latest fees and requirements before applying.

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