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Changan Pakistan Job Openings: Join Now for Exciting Opportunities

Explore Career Pathways in Automobile Engineering


Changan Pakistan has rolled out a golden chance for individuals seeking to delve into the world of cutting-edge automobile engineering and assembly techniques. Joining the esteemed workforce of Master Changan Motors, a collaborative venture between Changan Automobile and Master Motor, promises a journey of professional growth and passion fulfillment.

Empower Your Career with Changan Pakistan

Master Changan Motors embodies excellence in customer service by fusing the expertise of Changan Automobile and Master Motor. The company is currently seeking individuals with substantial experience in their respective domains to join their ranks.

Explore the Available Positions

Here’s a list of the current job openings at Changan Pakistan:

  • Manager – Corporate Communications (Karachi)
  • Deputy Manager – Marketing Planning (Karachi)
  • Sr. Executive – Research & Data Cell (Karachi)
  • Sr. Manager – Internal Audit (Karachi)
  • Deputy Manager – Human Resource (Karachi)

How to Apply

Seize this opportunity to become part of the dynamic Changan Pakistan team:

  1. Visit Changan Pakistan’s official LinkedIn page.
  2. Navigate to the job listings and select the positions that align with your skills.
  3. Review the requirements for your chosen role.
  4. If you meet the criteria, share your updated CV with the company via email at [email protected].

Embark on an exciting career journey with Changan Pakistan. Your path to a rewarding future starts here. Click the provided link to start your application process.

Following vacancies are currently open.

Job Title Location
Manager – Corporate Communications Karachi
Deputy Manager – Marketing Planning Karachi
Sr. Executive – Research & Data Cell Karachi
Sr. Manager – Internal Audit Karachi
Deputy Manager – Human Resource Karachi

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